Jesus Cares For Hurting Mum And Baby

I became a single mom when the man in my life ran out on me. To cope with the emptiness in my life, I lived on anti-depressants and other medications. Then, my child’s father suddenly came back. He made me stop taking the medication abruptly, which sent me into the worst bout of depression and pain.

On the night of 12 June, I completely lost my temper when my baby started crying and screaming non-stop. I was hurting inside and started crying uncontrollably. I felt like I was breaking down slowly—it seemed like the devil was working hard to break me down.

As I was sitting alone and crying my eyes out in my mom’s house, Joseph Prince’s broadcast (Accepted In The Beloved, Empowered To Succeed) started playing on television. I heard him talking about what it was like being a father. I listened as Joseph talked about carrying his little girl when she was tired and how he would not put her down even when his arm was hurting. He said he couldn’t—he loved her too much to wake her from her sleep even if it meant he had to suffer. He went on to say that Jesus loves us the same way!

The revelation of Jesus’ love touched me deeply and I broke down. I jumped up, picked up my daughter, and as soon as I did, she stopped crying for the first time in hours and quickly fell asleep! All my pain went away and I was at peace. I continued to watch the rest of Joseph Prince’s broadcast program till the end. What he shared about the Lord’s love for me touched my heart so much, I didn’t want him to stop talking.

What I experienced while watching the broadcast is a first for me even though my grandfather is a pastor. When I felt like I was going to lose my mind, Joseph Prince reminded me of Jesus, His love and His help. I just had to say, “Thank you,” even though it’s 5am. THANK YOU! God bless!

Emma Newton
Kentucky, United States