Jesus Our Advocate Wins Son's Case

My son was imprisoned for greeting a female friend with a kiss on the cheek in a mall. (This was illegal according to the country's laws.) Many of the people here have been deported for lesser crimes such as credit card defaults and drunken driving. My son was sentenced to a month in jail and then he was to be deported.

We appealed and waited for the verdict. In one of my anxious moments, as I was watching Joseph Prince's DVD on the Holy Spirit, I heard him say, "Thus says the Holy Spirit, ‘I am your lawyer. Is there any case that I have taken that I have lost?'" I was stunned as the Holy Spirit was speaking directly to me about my problem through Joseph Prince. When I watched the DVD again, to my astonishment, I could not find those words.

The next day, when my husband told me that there was no chance of my son's sentence being lifted, I was depressed, but the Holy Spirit immediately reminded me of what He had said to me. Now, I was sure that I had not imagined it.

Sure enough, my son's sentence was miraculously lifted and he was released. He graduated, got a driving license and a job in the country, all in the same month. Praise God for His miraculous ways of working in our lives. God bless Joseph Prince Ministries.

Abu Dhabi, United States