Left Shoulder Pain Gone After Accurate Prayer

I had been experiencing pain and discomfort in my left arm recently.

On Sunday, 30 August, I watched New Creation Church’s online service with my friend. At the end of the service, Pastor Prince prayed healing over those with a right shoulder blade condition. It was not the exact area where I was experiencing pain, and I was disappointed.

Pastor Prince continued praying for healing over joint pains, and I said “Amen”, receiving the prayer for myself. But little did I know, close to the end of the ministering session, Pastor Prince described the exact position of my pain!

His description was accurate, word for word, and I was caught by surprise and joy when I heard it. When I tried to raise my left arm, there was a loud cracking sound. Those around me witnessed God’s instant healing in my life! After that, the pain was completely gone.

Praise Jesus for His loving heart, so willing to heal!

Gladys Lim