Knee and Neck Pain Gone After Watching GRC Online

My husband has had a problem with his knee for several months and has been to the doctor. I have had chronic neck, back, and shoulder pains for well over 20 years, off and on. Lately, I have had a terrible time with my neck, causing me a lot of pain and dizziness. It was hurting so badly it was hard to function.

My husband and I watch GRC Online every week. Recently, one of the Sunday broadcasts was a service aired 4 years ago. At the end of that service, Pastor Prince called for those with knee issues to stand and then addressed those with shoulder issues. Both my husband and I stood and received his prayer. Actually, I didn’t feel any better but just received it by faith. Neither of us mentioned anything to each other.

On Tuesday morning, my husband asked, “How is your neck?” I said, “I have no pain at all!” He said, “I don’t have any knee pain!” We just hadn’t realized it until that morning. Praise the Lord! My neck has not felt this good in years! To add to this, I had been feeling so depressed, stressed, and anxious that I had sent in a written request to JPM for prayer. But I noticed I had NO more feelings of depression, anxiety, or stress!

All the praise to our Lord and Savior! So grateful!

Oklahoma, United States

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