No More Blurry Vision

In February this year, I went for an eye checkup after experiencing blurry vision. I was told by the doctor that such conditions are sometimes caused by brain tumors. But she assured me that it was highly unlikely in my case as my eyesight had always been good.

However, about a month ago, I experienced severe sharp pains on my right temple, which caused me to worry as I thought that there was a problem with my brain. I partook of the holy Communion and the sharp pains did not return. However, the blurry vision remained.

On Sunday, July 11, Pastor Prince prayed for those with blurry vision, and he also called out those with worries or concerns about their brains. I knew that he was referring to me, and I received the healing prayer with tears flowing down my eyes.

That week, I was watching television and realized that my blurry vision was gone. Normally, I would have to close one eye to see clearly when I was watching television. But this time, I did not have to do that! Praise the Lord for healing me! And thank you, Pastor Prince, for faithfully sharing what the Lord spoke to you!

Pamela Smith
Virginia, United States