Daughter and Mother Receive Healing Through Broadcast Program

I had been having a toothache for about a week and was praying for God to heal and deliver me from the pain.

One evening, my mom and I were streaming a television show and we dozed off. When I woke up, I put the TV back on live and Pastor Joseph Prince was on. He had just finished his sermon and was sharing about how God was speaking healing into people’s situations.

I woke my mom up and before she could get up, Pastor Prince was speaking healing over back pain. My mom got up quickly and received her healing from God. She was even able to jump up!

As Pastor Prince continued to call out conditions, I sat there thinking, Lord, I know You will heal me. Just then, Pastor Prince mentioned there was someone with a toothache. My mom and I rejoiced and praised the Lord as I received my healing.

The next morning, I realized I felt no pain or discomfort when I ate. God woke us up last night just in time to answer our prayers for healing!

I am so grateful to God for His healing touch. My mom and I are praying for Pastor Prince, his family, and his ministry!

Sonya Huey
California, United States