Life Transformed—from Street Hustler to Successful Businessman

I was an inner-city child raised to follow my family’s footsteps in becoming a street hustler. I was also a womanizer and fathered 6 children with 5 different women.

I have been watching and following your teachings for about 7 years now. I learned that my sins are forgiven, and I have been made right with God through faith and believing in my beautiful Savior’s finished work.

As I received this revelation of the gospel of grace, God started transforming from a street hustler and womanizer to a married man with a successful million-dollar transport business. The Lord has also put me in a position of influence where I am able to hire some of my former street hustler peers, all willing to change and live a life for Christ!

I am so grateful to Christ and His gospel of grace that reached down to me and my community in Greensboro, North Carolina. Thank You, Jesus, and thank God for you, Pastor Prince!

Jamel Jones
North Carolina, United States