Received Breakthrough for 20-Year Eczema, Intense Pain and Dryness All Gone

I’ve had eczema for close to 20 years. It’s a hereditary condition—my mother had it when she was a child and my siblings have it too.

As a child, I had small patches of eczema. I grew out of it during my teens but it returned with a vengeance in early 1996, making my skin itchy, dry, and flaky.

Without steroids, my joint areas suffered persistent cracks. These cracks often led to open wounds and infections, causing my body to be flushed with redness and my limbs to swell. The areas around my joints also tightened from the swelling and any bending would cause excruciating pain. During these times, I would walk around like a robot, trying not to bend my joints. There were also a few times I had to be hospitalized when the infection was severe.

My skin also lost its basic ability to preserve body heat. I would feel cold and even shiver near fans on sunny afternoons so I had to wear a jacket wherever I went. In air-conditioned surroundings, my skin would become very dry and painful. Even after applying moisturizers and oil excessively, my skin would still feel dry very quickly.

I consulted many doctors, dermatologists, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, and even spiritual mediums. I also took different types of medications, tried all sorts of treatments and therapies, but nothing helped.

Having exhausted all means, I went to New Creation Church (in Singapore) with my family in July 2014. Initially, I was very skeptical to learn that all my sins had been paid for by Jesus’ finished work at the cross. It was counterintuitive and unbelievably simple. Nonetheless, I continued to go to church to find out more.

I also listened to Pastor Prince’s sermons to and from work. I used the anointing oil to moisturize my skin and partook of the holy Communion. I noticed my breakthrough came after receiving the Communion regularly! Bit by bit, my condition got better. The intense pain that used to greet me every morning lessened gradually and eventually, I felt no more pain.

After the pain left, I no longer needed a jacket to keep warm or protect my skin from dryness. My skin also no longer feels dry or dead! Friends and colleagues have noticed the drastic improvement in my skin and have even asked about my secret to recovery. All glory to JESUS! Thank you, Pastor Prince, for revealing God’s love and willingness to heal me.