Mother Healed of White Blood Cell Infection After Hearing Psalm 91 Sermon

My mother was critically ill and was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) where she stayed for 10 days. The doctors told us she had only a 15 percent chance of recovering, as her total leukocyte (white blood cell) count was increasing day by day. I couldn’t help remembering how my father had the same symptoms before he succumbed to septicemia.

My sister, brother, and I partook of the holy Communion daily and prayed for our mother’s speedy recovery. I’d saved a sermon of Joseph Prince preaching Psalm 91 on my phone and played it for my mother daily. I also prayed for her protection.

We began to see an improvement in my mother’s condition. Her leukocyte count gradually came down and her temperature subsided. As the sermon was played in the ICU ward, the other patients in the ICU also started recovering to the point they did not need intensive care.

I thank God for His palpable blessing! It was so evident especially now that my mother has recovered and is back home.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for healing my mother! And I’m thankful for Joseph Prince for spreading God’s Word.

Puja Saxena

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