Motorbike Protected from Being Hit by Large Speeding Truck

Pastor Prince, I’ve learned to pray the blood of Jesus over me and my motorbike. I even have Psalm 91 written on the inside of my helmet.

While riding home from work one day, my bike was almost hit broadside by a large speeding truck. At the speed and angle it was going, it should have hit me. There was no way I could have made it out without losing half my body.

Thankfully, Jesus stopped the truck from hitting me and saved me from tragedy. Even my bike remained unscathed. How grateful I am to be able to share this testimony today! Hallelujah!

On an earlier occasion, I was prompted to plead the blood of Jesus over a car when I was a passenger in it. A few seconds after my prayer, the car avoided a major accident in the nick of time! This reminded me of what you said about praying over your flights before they take off. I now see why you do that—it extends the Lord’s protection over to the rest of the flight passengers as well.

Thank you for your ministry. It has taught me about my true identity in Christ and what it means for me. It has saved my life!

Washington, United States