No Longer A Wreck Because Jesus Bequeathed His Peace To Me

Praise be to Papa God who is literally transforming me to become like Jesus as I behold His loveliness. I am usually a wreck when under pressure and this gets worse when I have examinations.

This year, however, was different because I started listening to Joseph Prince’s messages and reading Destined To Reign Devotional every day. It became very real to me that Jesus bequeathed His peace to me and that I am a success waiting to happen because my Papa God is with me. Not only that, but I now believe it, breathe it and live it.

However, it came as a surprise when two friends of mine noticed something peaceful about me despite the general panic in the air as a result of the examinations. One even said, “You seem so calm,” as if it was an offense to be calm. I was so ecstatic and still am that the peace that Jesus left me, the peace that surpasses all understanding, is really manifesting in me with no effort whatsoever, but just by hearing and hearing the Word.

It's incredible that I am becoming more and more like the One who sleeps in the midst of the storm. Praise be to Jesus!

Talatu Madi
United Kingdom