No Longer Experiencing Hair Loss, Hair Growing Back

A few months ago, I was watching a sermon by Joseph Prince. At that time, I was feeling a bit down and lonely. Toward the end of his message, Joseph started to prophesy healing, and something he said caught my attention. He said the Lord wanted to heal someone who was worried about losing handfuls of hair every day, and he prayed for their scalp to be healed.

I couldn’t believe my ears because that was exactly my situation! I had a skin disease (probably due to stress) that was causing me to lose huge amounts of hair every day, and I was starting to worry I wouldn’t have any hair left. As Joseph was praying, I put my hands on my head and received the healing. I felt the Lord’s presence in the room with me.

After a few days, my scalp stopped itching, and I was no longer losing so much hair. Today I barely lose any hair, and my hair has even started to grow back!

Although this is an amazing healing testimony (and I praise God for it), the real healing for me was knowing the Lord cared so much for me that He touched me through the screen and through Pastor Prince. I felt lonely after working from home the whole year, but He knows me and sees me.

From Singapore to Switzerland, there is no barrier that can stop the Lord from showing me His love!

Stephany Piaget