No Longer Feeling Empty, Enjoying Relationship with God

Pastor Prince, I want to say thank you for a wonderful night of worship in the presence of the Lord!

My sister and I flew in from Oakland to Los Angeles just for this special event. It was our youngest sister who had introduced me to your ministry. At that time, I had a legalistic mentality and believed I had to perform well and do good works to earn God’s forgiveness. I felt a great emptiness even though life was good. Though I barely made time for God, I was thankful He never gave up on me. I was blessed with a husband, a good job, and three beautiful children. But somehow, I felt a hole in my heart, like something was missing.

The day I started listening to your sermons, God’s grace began to transform my mind and heart. I realized what I was missing was a relationship with God and truly accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

Since then, every time I got distracted or went through a spiritual drought, I put on your sermons and my family and I were uplifted. You have pointed me to Jesus and encouraged me to find a local church that is Jesus-centered. I have also begun serving Him wholeheartedly with my family.

Thank you so much for all you do for His Kingdom. Your sermons, revelations, and exhortations helped me in my relationship with God. I am so happy to have truly found and come to know Jesus. Even in my valley moments, I know He is always with me. God bless your ministry.

Katrina Streb
California, United States