No More Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Healed of Pregnancy Complications

Some years ago, I suffered from a medical episode that triggered panic attacks and anxiety in the months that followed. My hair began to fall out and I became terrified of dying. I could barely function. It was truly a terrible time in my life.

I remembered listening to Pastor Prince years ago so I looked him up online and ordered his book Live the Let-Go Life. I read it immediately and finished it within a few days. Since then, I’ve read all his books multiple times and listened to his messages all day long.

His books and messages have uprooted my erroneous beliefs about a God who is angry with me and punishing me. This was the root of my anxiety and panic attacks. I began to partake of the holy Communion and pray in tongues every time a panic attack came.

Slowly, the crippling anxiety melted away and my panic attacks subsided. God worked in me as He slowly began healing me—thirtyfold, sixtyfold, and a hundredfold. It has now been almost a year since I’ve had any panic attacks!

God has also restored us 120 percent as He blessed us with a pregnancy after 6 years of trying. When I was about 4 months pregnant, we received a very scary diagnosis from my doctor called “vasa previa.” This condition can be fatal for the mother and cause spontaneous pre-term delivery (before 34 weeks of gestation). I was devastated, scared, and could feel my anxiety coming back.

I remembered a testimony from Joseph Prince Ministries about a woman who received a negative diagnosis and wrote on her doctor’s report, “As Jesus is, so am I.” I began claiming that truth for myself and my baby as well.

For the next 3 weeks, I partook of the Communion every day, prayed in tongues, and listened to Pastor Prince’s messages over and over. I did not let my heart be troubled over the diagnosis, and I felt peace come over me. I chose to remain in peace as I remembered Pastor Prince saying, peace keeps what grace gives. During this period, my panic attacks and anxiety did not resurface.

Three weeks after the initial diagnosis, we went to the specialist and they were unable to find what they had seen on the first scan! They assured me everything was normal and that I would be able to deliver my baby at full term with no risk to either of our lives.

The holy Communion is truly God’s avenue for healing, and I am a completely new person compared to who I was back then. From a terrified woman, susceptible to the enemy’s attacks, I’ve been completely healed of all infirmities and am stronger than ever in faith and God’s lavish love.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for helping me down this road of healing, recovery, and God’s 120 percent restoration. We are so excited to grow our family as we add another beautiful daughter to our lives. God is truly good!

Lauren Struck
Colorado, United States