No More Big Bully Teacher—God Places Traumatized Boy In New School

God granted my family His unmerited favor in a miraculous way. We had just moved to a new town and my six-year-old son was having great difficulty with his new teacher at a public school. We made several requests to the school's principal to have my son moved, but she denied us each time. She agreed to have him switch classes if a psychologist would deem it necessary, but chuckled saying that no psychologist would agree to that.

I went to a Christian psychologist and he was willing to write a report to the principal/school board requesting that my son be switched to another class. Upon receiving the report from the psychologist, the principal was shocked and said, "No, he will still remain in his present class."

I went home and called out to God. I remembered your teaching on asking God for His unmerited favor (grace) and so I did. I prayed, "Lord, You created my son, his tender heart and his whole being. This situation is out of my control. He is having nightmares about going to school each day and is begging me to home school him, just so that he won't be bullied by this teacher any more. You know that I am unable to home school him right now. Provide a solution."

There was an application form in the mailbox for a Christian School and God told me to hand deliver the form after filling it up. The waiting list for this school starts at birth (when your child gets a social security number). I knew that it was near impossible to get a place for my son, but I obeyed God. I downloaded the directions to this school, not having ever been on the campus before, and handed the application to the administrator.

She sat me down and talked with me for 20 minutes. As I was getting up to leave, she said, "We DO have an opening as of this morning! Someone moved out of town. Would you be willing to start him here now?"

God poured out His abundant grace on us, promptly giving a place for my son in this wonderful Christian school, which has a waiting list of more than 200 kids! Now, he is thriving. Although he is only six-years-old, he knows that it was not of man's doing, but God's.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for preaching the truth on the Lord's grace. I would never had known to pray to Him expecting to receive, had I not heard the Word of God explained to me as you did. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for providing so abundantly for my family!

Alabama, United States