Torn Ligament in Thumb Supernaturally Healed

I injured my right thumb earlier this year. An MRI scan showed a complete tear of a ligament in my thumb. I was scheduled for surgery to repair the torn ligament about 3 weeks after my injury.

When the surgeon operated on my thumb, he saw no tear in my ligament. He reviewed my MRI scan and called the radiologist to look at my MRI as well. The radiologist confirmed a complete tear.

The surgeon said, “I’m looking at the ligament right now and it’s completely intact!” So he closed the opening, still completely baffled by the difference in what he saw in the MRI scan and what he saw in my thumb.

God completely healed my torn ligament! What was going to be an invasive surgery turned out to be a minor one. I had been praying and studying Psalm 91 over my family for some time. I had also been praying for healing. God healed me and used this miracle as a witness of His awesome glory!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for teaching on the power of prayer, the holy Communion, and worship!

Rita Dickinson
New Mexico, United States