No More Brokenhearted, Now Enjoying Relationship with Father God

Greetings, Pastor Prince! I’ve been watching your program for a few years, and I’ve thought to myself, Wow, I’ve never heard the gospel preached this way.

The church I was once a part of taught me to trust God, but there were so many rules I had to follow to receive His blessings and healing. I had to get sin out of my heart because I was told a holy God cannot fellowship with unholy people. Every day, I would ask God to forgive me of all my sins, and this became a daily ritual.

My life turned upside down when my husband left me for another woman. I was hurt and fell into depression. I knew my own behavior had not been perfect and that I had unforgiveness in my heart. I repented and asked God to forgive me and restore my marriage, but my marriage ended in divorce.

I was taught God hates divorce, so I disqualified myself from receiving from Him. I thought, What kind of God would demand such perfection of me? I tried and failed to keep His laws and standards. I wanted to end my life because His standards were out of my reach.

One day, I got hold of your book The Power of Right Believing and wow! I found truth and was set free from years of wrong believing. I read the book with the Bible, so I could refer to the Scriptures, and the Word of God came alive! I was broken and alone at the start of this new journey, but God healed my brokenness and gave me beauty for ashes. I never knew love until I received His love.

Now I have a relationship with God my Father. I call Him Abba. I now know that it is the finished work of Jesus that qualifies me. I have been forgiven of ALL my sins, and I am the righteousness of God through Christ. I am greatly blessed, highly favored, and deeply loved. I am the disciple whom Jesus loves. Praise God for deliverance!

Now I share the gospel of grace with my family, and they also got hold of The Power of Right Believing book. Thank God for your preaching of the gospel of grace!

Maryland, United States

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