No More Cirrhosis and Liver Scarring

I was smoking dope, taking lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) trips, and using heroin at 14 years old. After 9 years of heavy drug use, I was born again at the age of 23. I heard the gospel taught in a powerful way, and my eyes were opened for the first time to the truth of Jesus. After being born again and filled with the Holy Spirit, I was delivered from my drug addictions and went through a huge lifestyle transformation.

However, I was stuck in legalistic teachings and did not have knowledge of Daddy God’s unmerited favor. Through God’s unconditional love taught to me by Joseph Prince and various other teachings, I was set free from my old mindset of performance-based Christianity and self-righteousness.

A number of years ago, I found out that I had hepatitis C as a result of my heroin-injecting days. I had to go for regular blood tests and checkups for my condition. One day my liver specialist made me undergo a liver scan that revealed I had cirrhosis. Although the hepatitis C infection was cleared up, he was concerned my liver could suddenly shut down so he scheduled me to go for a liver biopsy a week later.

I’d been reading the testimony of the lady who had lumps in her breast and had written on her report, “As Jesus is, so am I in this world. As Jesus does not have lumps in His breast, neither do I.” So I wrote down on my report, “As Jesus does not have cirrhosis, neither do I.”

On the way to the biopsy, I also prayed in tongues and declared out loud, “Jesus, I am not trying to get healed because I have already been healed by Your stripes at the cross two thousand years ago. I am standing on Your Word today, amen.”

A week later, I went back to the specialist, and he was completely dumbfounded by the biopsy results. Not only was there no cirrhosis, but there was also no scarring on my liver, which is typically impossible with hepatitis C!

What can I say but all thanks and glory to Jesus!

Tony Bresanello