No More Dengue

In mid-April, I went to see a doctor after developing a fever. I tested negative for COVID-19, so I simply took some medicine and rested.

The next day, I went back to work. But a few days later, my wife noticed that I had developed rashes on my arm and tummy. I went to a hospital’s emergency department that evening and was diagnosed with dengue fever.

By then, my platelet count had dropped below the normal range, and I was advised to return 2 days later for another blood test. When I returned, my platelet count had dropped even further, and I was told that if it continued to decline, I would have to be admitted to the hospital.

The next day was Resurrection Sunday, so I decided to attend first service at New Creation Church. Halfway through the service, Pastor Prince started ministering to the people. When he mentioned that there was a healing anointing for dengue fever, I stood up immediately to receive the prayer.

After the prayer, I checked my arms and found that the rashes were all gone! Praise Jesus! And the next day, I went for another blood test and my platelet count had risen back to the normal range and I was discharged on the spot. All glory to Jesus for this supernatural healing! Thank you, Pastor Prince, for the prayers as well!

Jolvin Asher Teo