No More High Fevers, Immune System Restored

I had been ill with chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS). For 6 months, my immune system was not functioning properly and I would contract a high fever within 2 to 4 days of leaving my house. The doctor would prescribe me antibiotics and I would recover only to develop another dangerously high fever after going out again.

My body went into survival mode fighting all these high fevers, and my organs and brain were significantly affected. I struggled to read, speak, comprehend, and remember things. However, I began to immerse myself in God’s Word by listening to sermons.

Miraculously, God restored my immune system! I not only stopped getting high fevers, but God also did creative miracles in my brain, lungs, thyroid, and joints. I could walk again without any difficulty and could understand and remember what I had read.

I have not had a fever nor have I had to take antibiotics for more than 14 years now! I walk in divine health and my favorite activity is to walk in the woods while listening to sermons and teachings.

Every time I call Joseph Prince Ministries for prayer or listen to Pastor Prince’s sermons, I get a new and deeper revelation of how much my Father God loves me. I am enrolling in Bible college to become equipped in proclaiming the gospel of grace.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for all you do to encourage us and to preach the gospel of grace. We are so blessed!

Marie Pickell
Maryland, United States