No More Inflamed Appendix, Abdominal Pain Gone

One morning, I woke up with nausea and excruciating abdominal pain. When the pain persisted for 14 hours, I made a trip to the A&E as advised by the doctor.

While waiting to be attended to at the hospital, I read 2 praise reports on the Joseph Prince app on healing from abdominal pains to build my faith. After blood tests showed there was inflammation in my body, I was admitted into the hospital.

As the cause for the pain was still said to be unidentifiable, the gynecologist team performed an ultrasound scan. My reproductive organs were normal but there was an obscure shadow found in my digestive system.

The surgery team conducted some tests and concluded they would need to perform a keyhole surgery to remove my appendix. A patient within close proximity overheard this and with good intentions, showed me a scar she had from removing a cancerous growth from the very same area I was experiencing pain. She also shared post-surgery tips for a quicker recovery.

Despite the advice to undergo surgery and the discouraging sight of a post-operation scar, I continued to behold Jesus, my bronze serpent. As Jesus was pierced at His side on the cross for me, I firmly believed I did not need to experience the same thing, and I began to experience a shalom-peace I could not explain.

As I was advised not to eat or drink before the surgery, I could not partake of the holy Communion elements. Nevertheless, I applied anointing oil to the affected part of my abdomen. Soon after, the pain supernaturally subsided.

I had to undergo a prerequisite scan before the surgery. From reading the praise reports the night before, I was emboldened to request for a computerized tomography (CT) scan of my abdomen to confirm the state of my appendix. I hoped against hope that similar to the praise reports I’d read, my scan would be clear. The medical staff reminded me that going for a CT scan first would cause a delay in the surgery and that an inflamed appendix was a matter of life and death. Nevertheless, I maintained my desire to first proceed with the CT scan. By then, there was no more pain.

The CT scan results confirmed that all my abdominal organs including my appendix were normal. Hallelujah! I believe the Lord has given me a new appendix, which obviated the need to undergo the surgery. Truly, it is the love and finished work of our Lord Jesus!

I also took the opportunity to share this testimony with two pre-believers at the hospital. They asked if this happened because I was a devoted Christian or because I read the Bible every day. I told them that Jesus heals by His grace and that His grace alone saw me through. God is able and willing to heal!

I’m in awe to have experienced healing like those healing testimonies we hear in church every Sunday and to be able to send mine in to testify of medical facts that align with Biblical truths. By His stripes, we are healed and truly as Jesus is, so are we in this world!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for faithfully magnifying Jesus, His love, and His finished work. All glory to Jesus!