Friend Healed, Daughter Offered Position After Prayer

Some time ago, I sent in a prayer request about a friend whom I have known for about 30 years. He retired from the Air Force and is now retiring from the civil service. One day he passed out and almost died. He was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism (massive blood clots in both lungs). His survival rate was low.

I sent in a prayer request immediately after hearing the news. Today he is alive and is receiving continued restoration in his body. All praise to our Savior, Jesus!

Next, my youngest daughter who is 24 years old is a college graduate. Upon graduation and internship, she quickly discovered that being a health fitness specialist was not a choice career for her. She had only one job after graduating from college.

We sent in prayer requests for God to bless her with another position in Atlanta. When we did not hear any news, we both got discouraged. But after a few months of waiting, my daughter was offered a position at a hospital in Atlanta.

I encouraged my daughter to listen to teachings by Pastor Prince on our Lord Jesus and His finish work. She has and still does. She even shared the grace message with her roommate when they were in college and this roommate has passed the good news on.

I encourage everyone to hold on and to continue to listen to preaching about our Savior because it is all about Him.

Barbara Derrick
North Carolina, United States