No More Lesion Detected in CT Scan

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with appendix cancer and underwent a major surgery. Since then, doctors have been monitoring me via regular computerized tomography (CT) scans.

Everything was fine for 3 years but one day, a regular CT scan showed a contrast-absorbing lesion (12 mm by 7 mm) on the peritoneum near my liver. My doctors said it could either be a cancerous metastasis or a benign fibrous lesion. They set a date 3 months later for another CT scan.

I was very scared. I went to see an integrative doctor and started on a regimen of supplements, healthy diets, and herbs. Then I felt drawn to watch Pastor Joseph Prince’s sermons. I had installed his app some time ago but had not used it much. As I began to watch his sermons, I felt a gradual awakening to the finished work of our Lord. One day, I experienced deep peace as I accepted Jesus as my Savior and redeemer.

I prayed for healing with Pastor Prince while playing a recorded sermon on healing. After that, I prayed daily for healing in Jesus’ name.

I went for my follow-up CT scan as scheduled and spent the next few days waiting very anxiously for the results. One evening, I experienced again a deep peace and confidence that everything would be fine.

When the scan results came, the report said, “There is currently no evidence of the hyper vascularized lesion detected in the previous scan.” That was God’s miracle for me that coincided with Christmas that year!

I give thanks and praise to God for this miracle and for the blessing that Pastor Joseph Prince is to all of us. Hallelujah!