No More Menstrual Pains

I had been suffering from severe menstrual pains for about 2 years. The pain would get so intense I would vomit and sweat from head to toe. I would also be unable to sit, lie down, stand, and sometimes, speak. If I was not on time with taking my pain medication, I would suffer from all those symptoms. I could not start my day without strong pain medication and even then I’d feel lethargic, sleepy, and unable to concentrate throughout the day.

I had been to several doctors and a gynecologist, but they told me my body was perfectly healthy and that there was no explanation they could see for the pain. While I was happy that my body was perfectly healthy, I was still a bit upset I had to continue to suffer so much pain every month.

One day I stumbled upon a post on Joseph Prince’s Instagram calling on believers to partake of the holy Communion for the next 5 days. That’s what I did, and in faith continued receiving the Communion for 7 days.

Shortly after I had my period again, but this time it was different. I only had mild cramps that were much more bearable than usual. This improved month after month. Today I do not experience any more menstrual pains!

Thanks be to God and the healing power of the holy Communion. I am forever grateful and cannot express how relieved and happy I feel about not having to suffer menstrual pains anymore. Praise Jesus, my Lord and Savior!