Nurse Protected from COVID-19, Experiencing God’s Financial Provision

I am a nurse in a hospital where COVID-19 cases were increasing every day. Only by the grace of God have my family and I (including my relatives in the Philippines) been protected and shielded from the virus.

On top of this, the Lord had increased our savings just before the lockdown as the hospital gave us a salary increase for the first time. We were able to financially support some of our relatives and friends as well as some churches during this time. We were also able to pay off some of our credit card debts and purchase some long-awaited furniture. This all happened despite the fact that my husband’s company had shut down due to bankruptcy in October 2020.

The Lord is indeed faithful and restored to my husband a good job 4 months later. I’ve seen Romans 8:32 come to pass in our lives. In the midst of COVID-19, the Lord Jesus has overflowed us with blessings. Glory to God!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, and your ministry, for sharing the revelation of the gospel of grace. The Lord has impacted and revolutionized our faith through your ministry and Grace Revolution Church, not only for my family in the US, but also for those in the Philippines and the UK.

California, United States