Offered Desired Job After Partaking of the Holy Communion

I have worked part-time for my school board for about 9 years. Every semester, I would go for an interview to see if I could get a permanent teaching position. It was especially stressful for me due to my immigrant status. I went for so many interviews but never got the job to the point I began to expect failure.

For years I took on substitute jobs and in between the Lord would bless me with emergency jobs when teachers fell sick. While this was a blessing, it was still a precarious situation as my job was dependent on when the teachers got sick or returned to work.

Some time ago I was called to take on a temporary job where I received a lot of favor from the teacher I was working with. He would often give a favorable report about my performance to the principal as he intended for me to replace him when he retired. I was nervous about being interviewed for the position due to my past interview struggles. That was when I realized I had to take a different approach.

I had been listening to Pastor Prince’s sermon CDs for about 3 years and read his books on Kindle. He mentioned Matthew 18:18—what is bound on earth is bound in heaven as well. I started meditating on this scripture while partaking of the holy Communion. I also read his book Unmerited Favor.

On the day of the interview, I told the Lord to take over. After the interview, I realized I could have answered the questions better, and my mind was bombarded with expectations of failure again. The next day I woke up with so much anxiety I cried out to God and told Him how I felt. I was led to one of Pastor Prince’s sermons where he mentioned that in Christ we are delivered from the power of darkness. I held on to that the whole day and before I left work on Friday, I was offered the position!

This has been a huge breakthrough for me and the experience has taught me so much. The Lord protected me and spoke to me through Pastor Prince and the holy Communion. I now know God’s presence is always with me. Thank you, Pastor Prince. Your ministry has blessed me so much!