Pain in Knees and Legs Healed

On the second week of training for my first triathlon, I experienced excruciating pain in both knees and legs. It was so bad I could barely walk around the house or bend my knees. I started doubting if I could fulfill my dream of completing an iron man triathlon.

One morning, I was watching Joseph Prince’s message on healing. He was ministering to the congregation in his local church [in Singapore] and was pronouncing them healed on the spot. At first I thought, I don’t know if that healing could work for me. But then, I said to myself, No, this IS for me!, and stood up in my living room to receive it.

By mid-afternoon, I had forgotten about the healing prayer and went out for a walk as I thought I was still unable to run. I ended up running 7 miles that day with no pain at all in my knees and legs! I have been healed ever since.

Pastor Prince, I cannot thank you enough for what you are doing through your ministry. You have made a firm believer out of me, and I now pray the same prayer over everything that needs healing. Thank you for building my faith every morning.

Kelly Corpodian
Texas, United States