Painful, Swollen Foot Healed After Hearing Sermon

Some time ago, my left foot became swollen, and I began to limp as the pain was unbearable. I started to see myself on the hospital bed, but I always corrected myself by cursing the cause of the swelling just as Jesus had cursed the fig tree. I also partook of the holy Communion twice and kept feeding myself with the messages of Pastor Prince.

After a week of the swelling, I listened to Joseph Prince’s sermon Expose Yourself to Jesus and Receive Your Miracle. In the message, Pastor Prince shared a testimony about his wife who had hives and received her healing by picturing Jesus carrying her hives on the cross. I also began to picture Jesus bearing my swollen foot on the cross and thinking how painful it must have been.

After listening to the message, I got up to put on my shoes and realized the pain was totally gone. My foot was completely healed, and I no longer had to limp around. I can’t even express my joy in words. The love of Jesus is so real.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for showing me how to win every day as a champion in Christ.

Benjamin Ofori