Mom Received Healing While Watching Online Service

My mom and I were introduced to Pastor Prince’s sermons by a friend a few weeks ago. Since then, we have been tuning in and listening to his sermons. At times, we would watch his messages 2 to 3 times a day.

My mother, who is close to 70 years old, had been finding it difficult to get up from a sitting position. And when she finally gets up, she would have to keep her back bent for a few minutes before she could straighten up and walk. In addition, she also had a pain in her right arm and had difficulty raising it.

One Sunday, Pastor Prince called out to those with backaches while he was preaching for an online service and said that there was someone experiencing difficulty getting up from their seat and would experience pain while doing so. Then, he invited the person to stand.

My mother, who was sitting next to me, sprang up from her seat to receive her healing. I was astonished that she stood up so quickly! She kept sitting down and getting up over and over again with the ease of a child. There was no more pain in her back! She was completely healed.

Then, Pastor Prince started praying for those with pain in the arm, and my mother raised her right hand, and it shot straight up. It was a double healing for my mum! Praise the Lord!

Jeannette Yeow