Praying In Tongues Leads To Road Side Miracle

Recently, I heard some of your messages on praying in tongues. You preached amazing truths from God's Word and told us how tongues is used to prophesy our future, and how it is the sword of the Spirit and the rivers of living water flowing out of our bellies.

I had been praying consistently and intentionally in tongues for exactly one week. I prayed (and am still praying!) in the truck, at work, at home and pretty much everywhere.

One Tuesday morning, I heard the portion of your message regarding the gift of tongues being the rivers of living water that Jesus promised would flow out of our bellies. God blessed me with an opportunity to pray in tongues even more than usual that morning at work.

After lunch, I continued praying in tongues and began to notice something really cool going on. It literally began to feel like cool, oxygenated water was starting to churn in my belly! The more I prayed, the more it spread until it seemed to be circulating in my entire body! It was amazing.

That afternoon, I left work and felt led by the Spirit to stop and talk to a man who was working in a field on the side of the road, so I stopped. It turned out that he was already saved, but he had never heard of the baptism in the Holy Spirit. I told him about it and asked if I could pray with him to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit. He allowed me to pray with him and he received it on the spot!

In fact, not only did he receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit, Jesus healed him of extreme knee pain and a shoulder problem that did not allow him to lift his arm above his shoulder! He had suffered both conditions for years, but the Lord healed him instantly.

He called me later and told me that after I left, his boss showed up and told him that he was going to pay him extra money for that week. He told me that he really needed extra money that week and had been praying for the Lord to provide. And the Lord gave him more than he could ask or think! He and I have continued to stay in contact. It's amazing that I now have a great brother in the Lord.

The Lord has continued to heal when I lay hands on the sick, and the number of healing miracles He performs seems to be on the rise as I continue to rely on His grace, pray in tongues and seek His face. Thank you so much for preaching the gospel of grace. It has changed my life!

David White
Alabama, United States