Protected from Rear-End Collision

One night, I was driving home in heavy traffic. A car ahead of mine was moving along but when I looked down just for a second, the driver suddenly put on the brakes.

At that moment, I actually felt the power of God Almighty moving my car into the next lane. I didn’t even have time to check if that lane was clear—but God did! This miraculous move saved my car from crashing into the one in front.

A friend, who happened to be a few vehicles behind me, saw what had happened. He emailed me the following day saying, “That was some awesome driving!” I told him it wasn’t me but God and the Psalm 91 declaration that Pastor Prince had made in his sermons.

God’s protection promises in Psalm 91 have truly been active in my life. I’ll never forget the peace I felt during that near accident. God is so good!

Terri Parker
Iowa, United States