Son Protected from Injury While Tumbling Down Stairs

Recently, I was listening to the audio book The Power of Right Believing by Pastor Prince. In one part, Pastor Prince challenged the reader to meditate on Psalm 107:1—“Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.” So I did that. I said the verse out loud many times, and sometimes I sang it. Once, my son heard me and asked me what I was singing.

One night, we were at a friend’s party. My son and his friends were playing upstairs while we parents were talking downstairs. Suddenly we heard a loud noise and saw a body tumbling down the steps like a rag doll. It was my son! I got up from my seat and yelled, “Jesus, help us!” It was horrible to watch as a parent. He was seated near the steps and had somehow lost his balance and fell backwards.

We picked him up and comforted him. We checked his body—praise the Lord he was fine. That night, my husband and I woke up several times to check on him. The next day, we checked his body again and found only one tiny scratch. There were no bruises, and he wasn’t even sore. We had seen him fall, and it was truly a miracle he didn’t break a bone. We are so thankful to God for taking care of our son.

I pray for my family every day, but I believe the Holy Spirit had me meditate on Psalm 107:1. I believed in the power of the Word of God before but believe it even more now. I don’t just read it, I say it out loud, over and over again. I believe this made the difference that day. I’m so thankful. I’ll never forget the mercy of God that day.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for these words in your book. They’re life-changing!

Meredith Eades
Tennessee, United States