Received Bonus and Pay Raise After Declaration of Supernatural Favor

On my way to work, I was listening to a sermon by Pastor Prince titled All That’s Mine Is Yours—Discover Abba’s Heart for You. At the end of the message, he pronounced a blessing over those who were listening.

I raised my hand in the car and received the blessing—“The Lord grant you supernatural favor. God increase the favor that is already on your life this coming week. You will see manifestations of favor, and you will remember this prayer. New levels of favor this coming week for you and your loved ones.”

That was exactly what happened!

I received a $5,000 bonus at work and a 3 percent raise, all in the same week, even though I had just received a 3 percent raise for the year. The vice president of the company stopped by my office and apologized for not giving my department the attention she should have.

I was overwhelmed by the Lord’s goodness and favor to me, and I remembered the prayer that had been prayed for new levels of favor. Praise the Lord—He always exceeds our expectations!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for being a vessel through which the Lord can bless His people.

Indiana, United States