Blessed with Smooth Pregnancy and Healthy Baby

I grew up as a Christian under legalistic teachings. The God I knew was like my father—nothing I did made him happy with me. I was very afraid of God and always thought He’d punish me for everything I did. Whenever I wanted something, I believed He wouldn’t give it to me because I didn’t deserve it. Eventually, I ended up believing that that’s just how my life was going to be.

Since I was a teenager, I suffered from menstrual problems, and as an adult, I found out that my uterus was full of fibroids. The doctors told me I would never be able to bear children, but I never accepted that. I just didn’t know how to change my situation since I couldn’t count on God to give me the blessings I needed, because I was sure I didn’t deserve them.

I was married for 5 years and already had 3 pregnancy losses. I was suffering physically and emotionally and felt horrible that I was not able to give my husband a child.

One day, I watched a sermon by Pastor Joseph Prince where he spoke about the grace of God and how much the Lord loves me and wants to fulfil my heart’s desire. Pastor Prince asked us to write down the date we listened to that sermon and be confident the Lord would bring us our victory.

Almost exactly 1 year later, I had my baby, Laura. I had a peaceful pregnancy without any problems, and my daughter was born perfect and very healthy! Those who know our story rejoice and have seen that it could only be God who made my dream come true.

I praise God for Pastor Joseph Prince, who preaches the genuine gospel. Since then, I relate to God as my Abba Father, and He has healed me of guilt and showed me how worthwhile it is to rest in the perfect work of Christ.

Edileide Silva