Received Career Opportunities and Experiencing Favor

I have been dancing for 8 years and am currently training to make dancing my professional career and dance with a company. Last year, I decided to take on more advanced and rigorous training. I began to take classes at another studio in addition to the studio I had already been attending.

While I was enjoying myself and growing rapidly in my technique, I soon realized the current space I had at home to practice was proving to be inadequate, as it was a rather busy room in a small house occupied by myself and 3 other relatives. As we were in lockdown due to COVID-19, I often felt like I was going in circles, not being able to go anywhere, and that time was being wasted.

One day, I came across Pastor Prince’s sermon “The Year of Time and Space.” After listening to his message, I had a complete change in how I viewed my situation. The Word about the winding stairs in 1 Kings 6 spoke volumes to me. I received the Word that God would work out my situation in my favor.

I began to pray and declare that the time and space that had been taken from me would be redeemed and restored by His grace. I also prayed for more opportunities to use my gift and share my passion. I continued to use the small space I had, but it was difficult at times, and there were often many distractions.

One day, while reading the Psalms, the verse from Psalm 118:5 NASB leaped out at me: “From my distress I called upon the LORD; the LORD answered me and set me in a large place.” I received this promise and began to declare it over my situation. I also listened to Pastor Prince’s sermons every day. Every time I declared the verse, I felt all frustration and weariness lift off me, and I had peace and confidence He was working things for my good.

In fall that same year, the tide began to turn for me. I was offered a position as a teacher and choreographer at the studio where I’d first started dancing. In addition, many more opportunities began to open for me. I was offered a solo at my studio’s next show and was also asked to choreograph 2 wedding dances.

As for my practice space situation, I was talking to a lady in one of my classes one night and told her about my issue. She then told me that she had recently become an owner of a brand-new house that has an actual dance space in it, and I was welcome to use it as often as I wanted! I now go there every day to train, and the space has more than enough room and is better than I could have ever imagined. One of my favorite features of the space is the winding stairs that lead to the second floor.

All the things that had been revealed to me in the season prior came to fruition! I love how God pays such close attention to detail for the things that mean so much to us. By God’s limitless grace, I have truly seen His provision, 120 percent restoration, and acceleration for lost time and space!

I have one more testimony to share. At the end of last year, I received a copy of Pastor Prince’s book Give Me This Mountain. Each chapter spoke volumes to me concerning the ways of faith and grace. A couple of months later, my best friend told me she had been wanting to lead a Bible study. I let her borrow my copy of Give Me This Mountain, and we decided that we’d both use the book as our main study material.

Over 4 weeks, the 2 of us would meet once a week and discuss what the Lord had been revealing to us. We both got so much out of doing this, but the one thing we both received was the revelation of resting in His grace. My friend is a college student, and she told me that she gets more of her work done when she does it from a place from rest rather than by stressing and plowing through her assignments.

We’ve both sat under legalistic teachings at different points in our lives, but praise God for the gospel of grace! Since we discovered our righteousness in Christ, we’ve seen a change in each other and are growing in grace and in the knowledge of Him. We are praying more and are eager to share the great news of the gospel with the rest of our friends. This is an answered prayer, hallelujah! God is so good, and His faithfulness never ceases to amaze me.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for preaching the gospel of grace.

Dana Clark
Alabama, United States

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