Received Christ, Life Transformed

A few years ago, I was in a toxic relationship that ended with my heart broken. By then I had gone through an abortion, gotten bound by deadly addictions, and lost a job.

After that, I tried to find love but got rejected every time. I tried to hide my pain from people.

One day, I found a message by Pastor Prince on YouTube. It talked about God’s love for me. I did not understand everything, but I kept listening to the sermon even as I walked, ate, and slept.

Though my situation remained the same, I started to feel hopeful about my future. I eventually received Christ by praying the salvation prayer with Pastor Prince.

A couple of months later, my life started to change. I received a job offer and all my addictions fell off! Now, I am experiencing unspeakable joy every day.

I am amazed at God’s goodness and grace toward me. I want to thank Pastor Prince for allowing God to use him to be a blessing to me. All glory to Jesus!