Received Good Report for Mammogram, No Sign of Cancer

I’ve been listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons and following his teachings for many years since I first heard him on television. I have been so blessed to hear the gospel of grace preached.

Last year, I had a routine mammogram and was told they found something in my left breast. The radiologist recommended that I have another mammogram in 6 months. During that time, I was listening to Pastor Prince’s powerful message about the holy Communion. I continued to partake of the Communion regularly at home.

At the next mammogram, the radiologist said the mass was still in my left breast but it was stable, and I should go for another mammogram in 6 months. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, my next mammogram was delayed, and I continued to partake of the holy Communion not just for my abnormal mammogram but also for my job as a frontliner in the healthcare industry.

I finally got a schedule for my mammogram, and the technician asked me if I wanted to be called for the results if they found something questionable. I decided to opt out of this and the nurse asked, “Aren’t you worried about your results?” There was a confidence that rose up inside of me, and I answered, “No, I am not worried at all.”

A few days passed, and I never got a call from them. I later received an official reading of my mammogram, and it showed that they could not find anything and there was no sign of cancer! I praise the Lord for His love and faithfulness to me.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for the powerful message of the holy Communion and the gospel of grace. God bless you and your ministry!

New York, United States