Son with Autism Showing Improvement After Listening to Sermons

I preordered Pastor Prince’s book Give Me This Mountain that came with study videos. I really enjoyed the videos and would watch one every night before bed. Sometimes, I would listen to several of them at once, either listening ahead or replaying my favorites.

I began to notice my youngest son, Benjamin, who has non-verbal autism, becoming aware of the videos. Usually, he would be in his own world doing his own things, but he began to notice whenever I started a video and would get in bed to watch it with me!

Getting him to sleep used to be impossible without medication, but it became much easier to manage. I would often play sermons for him until he fell asleep. As the Holy Spirit was teaching and growing me through the sermons, Benjamin would be resting so peacefully that I knew the Lord was also blessing and teaching him as he slept.

Shortly after completing the book, I found out about Grace Revolution Church Online. Benjamin and I now attend online services regularly. He loves church, children’s ministry, and hearing Jesus-centered sermons being preached!

He’s still currently considered non-verbal, but I can clearly see the Lord’s hand on my children and marriage. I know Benjamin will start speaking and communicating clearly very soon.

Thank You, Jesus, for bringing life and life more abundantly to my family! As I proclaim 1 John 4:7 over my family, I have great hope for our future and the wonderful things Jesus has in store for us.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for preaching Jesus to us. God bless you!

Tennessee, United States