Restored from Shame, Living with Confidence and Hope

Pastor Prince, your ministry has helped me in ways beyond my imagination. My elder sister, Pooja, was the one who introduced me to your teachings. She had experienced the love of Jesus and I accepted Jesus partly due to her experience.

However, I had this impression that since He had suffered so much, I was also meant to suffer. So my life’s events unfolded that way. I ended up in many situations that pushed me past my breaking point.

My marriage suffered and was followed by a painful divorce. There was so much shame and trauma associated with that. I moved to Mumbai for better prospects and to start on a clean slate. But this only led to feelings of stark loneliness and abandonment.

After some time, I met someone from the US Navy. We liked each other and got engaged, but this relationship was short-lived too. When he moved on, I was even more devastated than before.

I had to shorten my work trip in London and relocate to my hometown, Kolkata, to fight depression. I also showed signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and I felt like something terrible was going to happen to me. I began hearing voices in my head. My doctor explained to me that I had lost serotonin, a chemical that helps stabilize moods, due to severe depression.

But then I started listening to you, and I was led to your message Right Believing Leads to Right Living. It ministered to my soul, and I went on to read your book The Power of Right Believing. You mentioned how you had also battled negative thoughts, insomnia, and disturbed sleep.

I also listened to your message The Battle for Your Mind repeatedly. I started partaking of the Holy Communion and asked the Lord to restore my life. I also claimed a 120 percent restoration and asked for healing.

Eventually, my medicine dosages were reduced. In fact, I’m doing fine now without taking them. I am working in a prestigious multinational corporation (MNC) in a very good position. I can see what the Lord has done for me and He is faithful indeed.

Your messages and ministry helped me when I was feeling really low and when I had no hope left. I have emerged more confident and I cannot thank you enough for sharing the love and grace of God.

I want the world to know that grace is not a license to sin, and worry, OCD, fear, and depression are not from God. I’ve also learned that we can always find strength to fight our battles with the grace of God. Today, Christianity is not a religion to me, but a relationship with God.

May God bless you, your family, and ministry!

Shalini Jindal