Retiree Offered Managerial Position, Experiencing Favor and Blessings

My husband and I have been listening to the gospel preached by Pastor Prince and our lives have been changed. We believe God loves us, takes care of us, and supplies all our needs.

Recently, my husband retired from the army after serving there for 21 years. Before he left, he had decided to look for work but work came looking for him instead.

He was contacted by the regional manager of a nationwide department store about a management position to be filled. When my husband mentioned the amount of salary he would like to receive, they agreed. It turned out to be the highest salary anyone had ever received for that role in the company!

Not only that, my husband gets to work fewer hours than the other managers. He’s also the only manager who gets to set his own work schedule. God is good! All this has been made possible by the hand of our Daddy God. He has caused blessings to follow after us.

Today, my husband is sharing the gospel with people in prison while I’ve been blessed to do the same with women from abusive relationships. None of this would have been possible if we didn’t know who we are in Christ—the righteousness of God! Knowing our Savior’s love for us has also enabled us to share His love with others. Hallelujah to our risen Savior!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for letting the love and light of Christ shine through your ministry. We truly love you and we thank God for you and your family.

Theresa Pittman
Hawaii, United States