Sales Improved after Depending on God’s Grace

When I joined the real estate industry, I had a tough time trying to close deals. After 4 months, I still had zero revenue. Weekly sales meetings were tremendously stressful for me and I constantly felt hopeless and desperate.

I blamed God every morning when I woke up. I told Him I would soon give up if nothing happened. I prayed, waited, and hoped, only to be disappointed time and time again. This vicious cycle kept going on and I gradually lost all hope about being a successful salesperson.

Despite the excruciating wait, I gradually learned to pray and persevere. By the grace of God, I came to terms with my shortcomings as a salesperson. I began to study more about the market and where I needed to improve on.

I sent prayer requests to Joseph Prince Ministries and waited on God. During this time, I still continued to work, but with a more restful heart. I let God work through me, believing He was providing me with His wisdom and blessing the work of my hands.

Not only that, I stopped working with a sense of desperation. I believed the battle was His and it would be pointless for me to drag even a giant sword to the battlefield with my own hands. I relied on God one hundred percent because victory could only come from Him.

Soon after, I closed double deals within 2 weeks and exceeded 50 percent of my target for that month!

The greatest lesson I learned was this: Only God can give success. We cannot earn or force breakthroughs to happen by our own might. Instead, we can work with a restful, joyful heart, and see success because God is faithful. God wants us to trust in Him with all our heart and lean not on our own understanding.

Now I talk to God every morning before going to work. I would also read Pastor Prince’s daily devotionals every hour to find peace and center myself on God’s grace. They help my days go by peacefully and efficiently.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your message of God’s grace. My life has changed radically and miraculously since I heard you preach in 2013. I would also like to thank your team for praying for me.

Josephine Nguyen