Set Free and Thriving After Believing Right

I’d been a believer for 21 years. I always thought God would be upset with me if I wasn’t doing anything to please Him. I thought He was always watching me to see if I would mess up, just so He could slam the hammer down on me.

This was the type of relationship I had with my father growing up, so this perception carried over into my relationship with the Lord as well. I’d read about how wonderful God is but somehow, I could not believe He was good to me.

One day, I started watching Joseph Prince on YouTube. It was such a breath of fresh air! Soon after, I bought his book 100 Days of Right Believing. As I read, I began to see myself the way the Lord sees me.

Today I am no longer burdened by the need to constantly prove myself to God in order to gain His approval or be worthy of His love and attention. It is not what I do but what Christ Jesus has already done. It is finished! I am accepted, beloved, highly favored, greatly blessed, and victorious. Glory to God!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your ministry.

Chad Smith
Hawaii, United States