Set Free from 30 Years of Bulimia

I struggled with bulimia, an eating disorder, for 30 years since the age of 12. Every meal felt like I had a gun to my throat—there was so much stress and pressure to eat the right way. I would eat and throw up daily. Once in a while, I would even bleed.

I had already been through multiple recovery programs and hospitalizations, and still nothing had changed. I would reach out to friends every time I struggled, which felt like a never-ending process. Nothing seemed to be able to help me overcome this eating disorder.

Then, in the last quarter of 2021, I started listening to Pastor Prince’s messages daily for a month, and I knew the Lord was healing me.

One night in December, I felt desperate and downloaded a message by Pastor Prince titled “Jesus—The End of Your Struggles” and listened to it closely.

That day, I asked the Lord to help me receive what He was saying to me. Praise the Lord, His gospel is so simple and powerful!

As I reflected on the words “as Jesus is, so are we in this world,” I said to myself that as Jesus is without any eating disorders and is not worried about what to eat or what is in the future, so am I. As Jesus does not hate His body, neither do I hate my body. I also confessed I no longer have all these struggles and that Jesus is now my true identity.

I simply prayed and asked God to help me to receive this truth, and I decided to stop all my efforts to try to control or prevent the eating disorder.

The next day, I went about my day, and every meal felt like a normal eating experience! I didn’t experience any anxiety while eating and neither was I trying to control or watch what I eat.

Since that day, I have been enjoying complete freedom from the grip of the eating disorder that had me struggling for 30 years!

Many thanks to Pastor Prince and his ministry for being powerful conduits of God’s grace!

Virginia, United States