Set Free From Condemnation

Once again, I am so grateful for Pastor Prince's ministry! His love for the Lord, his love and compassion for people is so humbling and inspiring! And he has an amazing, God-given gift for explaining everything so clearly, that I understood everything he wrote about.

Words cannot express how his two books (Unmerited Favor and Destined To Reign) have RADICALLY CHANGED MY CHRISTIAN WALK! I have never heard or understood about God's grace before! Now I am filled to overflowing with hope, joy, peace, and excitement! I feel alive again! I have been SET FREE from condemnation!

I had grown so discouraged in my Christian walk, feeling like a failure for Christ! I was so depressed, I even stopped reading the Word, and started getting back into bad habits, like listening to unholy, and even satanic heavy metal rock music. I stopped going to church. I neglected my health, and developed diabetes and high blood pressure. Stress had been giving me heart attack symptoms. I had been depressed for years, and only prayed once in a while; all because I truly believed the Lord only noticed and loved those who did many works for Him. My main reason for the discouragement and depression was because I truly felt unworthy of God's love. My heart was always aching, wishing with all of my being that He would notice and love me. I was STARVING FOR HIS LOVE!

But now, I have passed from death to life! God loves me all the time, and always has! How sad that it took me 18 years to understand this, and yet I am tremendously thrilled and excited that now I finally do! I am no longer under the law! I don't have to believe the devil's lies anymore (which I thought was condemnation from the Lord)! GOD LOVES ME in spite of my imperfections! My heart was broken for 18 years because I had been taught I could never please Him! I am so thrilled to finally know this was never true! And yet, my heart grieves for those who are still in the same mental bondage and discouragement that I was in, so I have decided that I will teach grace for the rest of my life, as I buy and hand out for free Joseph Prince's books (as I can afford it)! The world needs to hear this precious, priceless message of grace! Hallelujah! The message of grace has SAVED MY LIFE!!!! And I am not exaggerating! I praise the Lord for Pastor Prince's ministry! I cried through both his books with pure joy and gladness! I WAS DEAD, BUT NOW I AM ALIVE! Pastor Prince's books have changed my life! And the precious Holy Spirit bore witness that these teachings about grace are true, and are from His heart to ours, so no matter what others say, there is no one in the world who can convince me that it is wrong to teach grace!

Last year in October, my eyesight had started to give me problems, caused by diabetes. I have had three surgeries for a detached retina, and the doctors had put me off work for 11 months to heal. The Lord told me in the beginning of my time off work that he would take care of my eyes if I would take care of my relationship with Him. So these last 11 months I have spent reading the Word, watching lots of TBN (which is where I became captivated with Pastor Prince's teachings), and reading books. The vision in my left eye is very fuzzy, and the vision in my right eye is very dark (because the doctor believes the retina detached again), but the Lord is so awesome, that my left eye can read clearly and perfectly, so I have been able to read Pastor Prince's books effortlessly! Without glasses!

After reading about Grace, I have decided not to have the three more surgeries the doctors want me to have! I have chosen instead to rest quietly in the loving arms of the Lord as I wait patiently for the manifestation of the healing I have already received when my Savior died for me! All this time, I believed I wasn't healed because I didn't have enough faith! Another of the enemy's lies exposed! Hallelujah!

I was just praising the Lord and thanking Him for these life-changing teachings when I received your e-mail! The Lord's timing is awesome!

Leslie Alfaro
California, United States