Set Free from Condemnation, Health Restored

I had done a lot of things I was ashamed of and had a guilty conscience. I developed a fear of being found out and this caused stress that manifested as sickness, leading to many trips to the doctor for various problems.

As time passed, I realized I was suffering from something deeper than stress and fear—a terrible sense of condemnation, of expecting punishment because I believed I deserved it. I was taught that God had “cleansed” me of my past sins but I still believed I had to try hard to “stay clean.”

One night, I read something that radically changed my life. Thanks to Joseph Prince, I finally understood the cross has made all the difference. When Jesus died, He took the punishment for ALL my sins of my entire life. I can never be punished for those sins as the punishment happened over 2000 years ago, long before I was even born. God would be unjust if He punished those sins twice. Jesus’ work is called a “finished work.” I just had to believe it and personally receive it. This is why it is called the GOOD news!

I decided to believe and receive the gift of no condemnation and that I was continually being cleansed by Jesus’ blood. As the truth slowly sank in, the stress started ebbing away and the fear started to dissolve.

In time it dawned on me I had not been sick for a while, and it has been a long time since I last visited my doctor. I asked my doctor’s receptionist to look up my medical records. Compared to the past where I had multiple visits, since 2011, I have only been to my doctor once! Isn’t grace amazing?

Bev Setterberg
South Africa