Set Free from Years of Wrong Believing

I’m a 74-year-old woman. My husband, Jim, and I have 6 children. In our journey to seek a place where our family could grow in the Lord, we ended up in many different fellowships. Each time we had to move on because of persecution and false teachings. My husband no longer wanted to try out another fellowship unless the Lord made it clear where He wanted us to be.

About 3 years ago, I was experiencing many physical attacks from the enemy. I was also filled with despair when I read a book about having a hard heart. The Holy Spirit spoke to me saying, “I have taken your heart of stone and turned it into a heart of flesh.” The Lord began to direct me to take daily walks around our home. As I prayed in the Spirit, He showed me exactly how to share Jesus with countless people and pray for them.

On one of my walks, I met Lynn. She introduced me to Joseph Prince during a time when I had experienced a setback in my emotions and was searching on how to be built up in faith. I decided to look him up on the internet and what he shared filled my heart with faith.

I was led by the Holy Spirit to call one of my friends and ask if she had a book by Pastor Prince. I borrowed Destined to Reign Devotional from her and gobbled up the book quickly. My heart was rekindled with preaching that came from a man who had experienced the love of God the Father in practical ways.

My husband and I now receive together from Pastor Prince’s daily television broadcasts, and we have been built up in faith. The Lord has been working in such miraculous ways with the people He has connected us with and there is a major grace revolution happening in our lives and the lives of our friends and loved ones.

Pastor Prince’s teachings have shown me that the traditions I’d believed in had nullified God’s Word in my life. Now Jesus is enabling me to help set others free from the same wrong beliefs.

We give all the glory to the Lord for all He is doing because there is no way we could have accomplished it on our own!

Marie Hager
Minnesota, United States