Son Cleared of 17-Year Eczema After Receiving Communion

Pastor Prince, I am writing to glorify and praise our Lord Jesus Christ for healing my son of his 17-year-long eczema.

Matthew first developed eczema a few months after he was born. The doctor thought it would go away in time and did not prescribe any medicine but the eczema persisted.

When Matthew was 16 years old, he became conscious of his skin condition especially when it flared up every time he ate tomato sauce, bread, or something sweet. There were so many restrictions in his diet!

We tried many prescription medications and over-the-counter creams that only worked for a couple of days before the eczema would come back again.

Then my family began to partake of the holy Communion more than a year ago, declaring that by Jesus’ stripes Matthew’s eczema is completely healed. I also applied anointing oil on his face every night after saying a short prayer of healing. After 1 month, the eczema on his face and head was completely healed! Matthew is very happy and thankful for the favor and mercy he received from our Lord Jesus.

I praise and give thanks to God for you, Pastor Prince. Thank you for teaching the gospel of grace and truth that has blessed thousands of people, including me and my children. I pray that our heavenly Father continues to prosper, protect, and provide for you, your family, and your ministry.

Grace Lorenzo Dixon