Successful Recovery from Brain Surgery, Now Cancer Free

A couple years ago, I started having falls at home and work. I was initially resistant to get checked out because of COVID-19, but my wife insisted we go to the hospital.

It turned out there was a mass in my brain that required surgery to remove. I was having second thoughts about the surgery, but I remember the Lord saying to me like He did to the man at the pool of Bethesda in John 5:6, “Do you want to be made well?” I went for the surgery, and the Lord brought me through it successfully.

After recovering from the surgery, I began growing closer to the Lord and learning the plans He had for me. I also began watching the teachings of Pastor Joseph Prince. He had sermons on partaking of the holy Communion and how Jesus died for our healing, so I decided to receive the Communion. I began partaking of the Communion at home 2 to 3 times a day and read Pastor Prince’s book, The Healing Power of the Holy Communion.

I continued to take chemotherapy pills, went for radiation therapy, and had regular hospital visits. While in the waiting room at the hospital, I would leave Scripture print-outs on the tables to encourage others who were going through a tough time like myself. I also began to pray over my medication, asking the Lord to take away my need for them. Over time, I began to experience healing.

While in recovery I joined a young adults support group provided by the hospital. Through our Zoom meetings, I found out there were 2 other Christians in the group. I felt the Lord leading me to start a small group for believers and asked the two Christians whether they were interested in joining. They were more than happy to. We were truly uplifted and encouraged through our online meetings.

Others from the larger support group found out about it and were interested in joining as well. To my surprise, the group increased to 8 members. I started sending out weekly prayers and Scriptures to encourage the group that the Lord is on our side, loves us, and wants to do a work in our lives still.

Last year, I received word from the doctor that no more cancerous cells exist and only scar tissue from the brain surgery was left! I am so thankful to the Lord and His healing power!

Andrew Phillips
Georgia, United States