Transformation In Our Thinking, Belief And Interpretation Of The Word

Your book Destined To Reign has had and continues to have such a huge impact on our lives. It's now over two years since we first heard the good news and since then, we have shared it with anyone who will listen. I can't begin to explain the transformation in our thinking, belief and interpretation of God's Word. Our walk with God is new. NOW, we are born again!

Being brought up in church since birth, we can't believe that we have heard and learned the gospel of grace so late in our walk with God. The gospel should have been clear from the beginning. So many wasted years, but the veil has been lifted.

My mom, sister and I are now new people. The knowledge and wisdom you are passing through your books and teachings are phenomenal. We wait impatiently for our other family members and friends to grasp the truths of grace. We continue to pass on the good news and leave the revealing to the Holy Spirit. God bless you in all your endeavors to share the truth. We have never been freer!

Angelica Bourbon
Texas, United States