Wallet Returned Safely

I’d lost my wallet containing my residence permit, monthly bus card, several bank cards, and receipts from sending money to my family.

When I lost my wallet, I felt confused and did not know what to do. But the Holy Spirit reminded me of a testimony I’d read on this ministry’s website about a family who had experienced a similar predicament and how they had committed the situation into God’s hands. So I said to myself, “If God can help them, surely He will do the same for me!”

I asked God to help me find my wallet. The following day, when I came home from work, I found my wallet on my living room table with nothing missing or broken! A good lady had picked it up in the neighboring community, noted the address on the receipts, and brought it to my home.

Praise be to God our Father for His compassion and mercy that endure forever! He is a miracle-working God and there is nothing too difficult for Him.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for sharing praise reports that glorify God—a very good Father who cares for His children.